Why experiential travel is so popular

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What kind of holiday-maker are you?

Do you cruise the high seas on a package deal, get in touch with your inner self at a yoga and meditation retreat or are you an active traveller who lives by adventure in a far flung destination?

In all the discussion, online research and review browsing that goes into our holidays, and planning them, there’s every possibility one vital purpose is being forgotten.

Holidays can be an important time for families to connect - authentically. Beyond the day-to-day of school runs, shopping lists and paying the bills.

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Many employers encourage their staff to take annual leave regularly, rather than accrue years’ worth of annual leave. They’ve found staff who regularly enjoy time off are not only healthier and more productive, their ability to innovate and effectively problem solve is higher too.

So it goes hand in hand that families who holiday together regularly are creating memories and a nurturing bond that lasts a lifetime.

To do this, families are increasingly looking for experiential holidays - where the focus is on experiencing a place or region by connecting to its history, people and culture. This type of travel, which has been growing in popularity for a number of years, is all about active participation and making a real, personal connection with the place you visit, rather than treating it like your resting place for a whirlwind week or two.

While visitors reap the rewards of genuine experiences, there’s a positive impact on local communities not only through economics but a whole new audience to protect the local culture and environment.

Camping and caravan style holidays provide a wonderful opportunity for this type of authentic experience.

There’s proven health benefits to be found in reconnecting with nature and the great outdoors. These include boosting your vitamin D levels through time in the sun (complete with sun protection - cream, hats and sunglasses - of course).

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It’s highly likely you’ll be more active while on holiday (coffee walk anyone?). Increased activity generally leads to better sleep, which in turn can reduce stress and simultaneously improve the immune system.

Do you remember the last time you were free of a schedule? The nomad lifestyle, no matter how brief your camping/caravanning getaway, allows you to set your own agenda - and some people find this extremely liberating in today’s society which seems to thrive on busy-ness.

Gold Coast Tourist Parks are tailored for family holidays, with seven Parks and three island campgrounds nestled in close proximity to the city’s 70km of sun drenched beaches. Availability of of On-site facilities free you up to think about how you are going to connect your family experience with the place around you. It could be doing like the locals do - weekend farmers’ markets are a popular past-time on the Gold Coast; eating where they eat; or being let in on a secret local hangout. Before you book your next family holiday, think how you can give back to the local community or region you will be visiting.



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